Tonight, unwinding after a phenomenal day preaching, ministering, and distributing the Lord’s provision at the soup kitchen special Thanksgiving service and meal, I thought how amazing it is that I was so recently broken and how I could possibly have landed in such a new place and have undergone such a total transformation in such a short time. Then I realized. I was not broken and now I am not. I am broken. I am as broken as ever. But I am a new kind of broken.

Instead of being broken because of my circumstances as well as my choices, I am now broken before the Lord in a new kind of way. I am broken by my love for Him, my endless passion for Him, my awe of Him, my humility before Him, my extreme hunger and thirst to go deeper with Him, my need for Him, my unquenchable desire to have more of Him, to love and serve Him with every ounce of me.

Today, between hugging the homeless, my heart wrenching over my desire to see the homeless and broken meet Jesus for the first time, come back to Him, or go deeper with Him, and distributing never-enough provisions to people living in dire straits, I am exhausted. But I am also energized. I am no longer broken the way I was. I am broken in this new way. This new way of I-want-to-live-for-the-Lord more than anything else kind of broken.

It’s not simply, no, not merely, a broken. It’s a broken open. Before, I was too hardened by life, and by my own flesh, to be open to Him. Now I am broken for Him, and broken to Him.

Lord, I love you with every ounce of my heart. Every ounce. I am here to love and serve you, to worship you in every way imaginable, to be used by you, to bask in your Presence, to bathe in your love, to be filled up with you to such an extent I glow with you, people see you and not me when they look at me, when they see what I do they come to desire you like I do and even more, oh Lord, revive this world, bring your lost sheep home, pour our your Holy Spirit in my brokenness before you, upon this land, upon this earth, upon humanity, for your glory, in His name. Amen.

I ENCOURAGE YOU to lay down your life, to lay down your pride and hardness of heart, to lay down anything that stands between you and the Lord, to get down on your hands and your knees and your face and be broken before Him. Whether broken by your circumstances, broken by your sins, or broken wide open because of your love for Him and desire to serve Him, be broken for Him. For Him alone. Be broken wide open. Pliable, malleable, usable, in HIS Hands – for His glory.

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