What If Jesus Never Knew You?

What if Jesus never knew you? Seriously. It’s possible, you know. You may profess to know Him, but how well do you really know Him? And does He know you? Or, did you just meet Him one day and then get on with your life? Or, did you meet Him, and occasionally you meet up for coffee or a little chat or board meeting or something or other, and then off you go again? Do you really know Him? Do you really know each other? What if the day you meet Jesus again, He says to you, “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity (Matthew 7:23 KJV).” What will you say to Him then? I’m concerned about you, my friend. I’m concerned about my friends, in fact. I’m concerned about strangers also. To be honest, I’m concerned about our world, myself very much included. How many of us are truly taking the time to get to know Him, have truly committed to follow Him, are really active in studying and applying the Bible to our lives, and can really say, I know Jesus knows me. I know Jesus. We really know each other. Can you say that?

Some who know my love for Jesus might think I am concerned for those who have never met Jesus, who have never accepted Him into their hearts and lives, who have never repented, sought forgiveness, and committed their lives to the Lord through faith in Jesus. I am. I am concerned indeed. But I am so very concerned, also, for those who are waving their lottery ticket to heaven in the air because they made a decision long ago that Jesus is Lord. I heard, or read, this waving-the-eternity-ticket in the air phenomena in a book recently, or spoken by a preacher, I can’t remember which. But I got it. I understood. Because I see, and hear it all the time. People who believe a one-time encounter with the Lord is sufficient. People who are satisfied they are going to heaven, certain in fact, based on a one-time surrender – a surrender that may or may not be reflected in their daily lives. Is this enough?

I am equally concerned about the church-going crowd that lay out their Sunday clothes, grab their unread Bibles, paste on their can’t-wait-to-see-my-friends smiles and walk right by Jesus with a quick nod and hello, maybe a handshake, on a good day a hug, because if the truth be known Jesus is more an acquaintance than a real, true friend. Ouch. Ow. My God.

Some might say I am too concerned. Perhaps. Perhaps not. I suppose when you love someone as much as I love Jesus, it goes without saying I would want the whole wide world to know Him also. Yes, He’s that amazing. That phenomenal. That breathtakingly beautiful, and so much more I will never have human words sufficient to describe Him. Should I be this concerned? I don’t know. I just am. I am concerned as the world grows darker that the light of the world – Jesus – is getting overlooked, passed over, ignored, maybe just tolerated, neglected, abandoned, trampled on and over in humanity’s mad flight – increasing stampede – to get to what really matters. What really matters? The remote control? A baptismal dress? A manicure? The next lottery ticket? The next hymn to sing without any significance?

If Jesus popped up in your living room today, would you turn off the television? My ex-husband used to talk to me with his eyes on the television and the remote in his hand. He would flip channels with his eyes glued to the flickering colors and images and messages sprawled across the screen. I would stand between him and the television, ask him if he would turn off the television for a few minutes so I could have his attention, and he would become all the more resolute that he would do no such thing.

Is this how we are treating Jesus? Do we place Him between us and the television, between us and our lives, between us and our lusts and idols and gluttony and who knows what else, and keep our eyes glued on the world while pretending to know what He says, while playing like we know who He is?

I talk to countless people who won’t open their Bibles, if they have one. I talk to others who open their Bibles and have no idea what anything means and won’t seek a church and pastor, a mentor, someone to disciple them, to teach them, to help them get started.

When things slow down……..When I get past this event……..When I get to the other side of this challenge……Oh yes, then I might. Then, I will. Then.

But what about now? What if Jesus comes today? What will you say, or do, when He says He never knew you? Will you weep? Will you care? What will you say when He points out your life is the same as it always was, that you never did follow up on your commitment to follow Him?

God is love. God is love. God is love. Yes, He is. And He is also righteous. He is also faithful. He is also real. And He won’t overlook the fact too many of us are living our lives without Him. Never coming to know Him. Never knowing Him. Never being known by Him. For whatever reason. Does the reason really matter? Hardly.

What matters most? How will we answer when He says He never knew us? What about those of us who are too busy serving Him to love Him, the Mary versus Martha in the Bible syndrome. One sits at His feet to learn of Him, to soak in His presence; the other is too busy serving. Will Jesus say He never knew me because I was too busy serving Him and never took the time to sit in His presence, to enjoy Him, to hear from Him, to be filled up with and to receive Him?

Businesses take inventories of their stock. They look at their books to see where they stand.

Where do you stand today?

I ENCOURAGE YOU to stop in your tracks, to stop what you’re doing, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and take stock. Take inventory. Come to Jesus. Talk to Him. Listen. Ask Him. Ask yourself. Do you know Him? Do you REALLY know Him? Do you believe in Him? Are you following Him? Does He know you? Where do you stand in your relationship with Him? Or do you have one at all? Get honest. Get real. Seek forgiveness. Begin anew. Now. Today. This very day. Seek Him with all your heart, with all of your life. And get on the right track, even if you have to change tracks to get there. 

Joh 10:14 “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.”

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