Dear everybody,……..

We are paralyzed doggies Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy whom Mommy took under her wings years ago when nobody else wanted us since we were paralyzed and needing lots of long-term love & help that lots of people wouldn’t want to do because of all the time and sacrifice and care involved……..

Me, Mr. Simeon, was hit by a hit-and-run driver. Me, Miss Mercy, was hit probably by a truck. There was no hope for us when we came into Mommy’s life, but Mommy has the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ and obeyed the Lord who wanted her to keep us with her other rescued doggies.

Now we travel with Mommy with our 2 handicapped siblings Gracie and Abigail on the road for Jesus full-time as she does her streets ministry work & writes and publishes Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books.

We require tons of love & attention & veterinary care & personal care because we can’t do lots on our own, but because of Jesus and Mommy we’re super happy, super loved, super spoiled doggies who thoroughly enjoyed our lives.

We decided to step in with this little letter because Mommy put out the word recently she could use some BIG HELP with BIG DONATIONS for our veterinary care seeing as how several of us have had medical issues recently. Unfortunately, very, very few people came to the rescue to help with donations, so we thought it was time we best step in.

We thought with our sweet loving faces & cute picture on the streets of New York City with Mommy that maybe you would consider opening your hearts & making donations to help Mommy & her ministry.

You can learn all about Mommy, her ministry, us (the streets ministry doggies) at http://www.GoodNews.love, and you can make donations on her website or contact her at 843-338-2219 or lara@GoodNews.love. Love from Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy!!!

p.s. We hope you’ll sign up on her website for her GOOD NEWS DAILY writing ’cause we see how hard Mommy works at her writing for Jesus & feel very much you’ll be greatly blessed by reading it.

Please remember to visit http://www.GoodNews.love, and we look forward to seeing what comes of our little letter.

Love from, paralyzed precious streets ministry doggies Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy…!

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