A Sweet Love Story


I knelt down and held the bowl of chicken broth out for three of my precious handicapped streets ministry doggies and noticed something happen that bears a beautiful message for us all. Paralyzed Miss Mercy scooted over on her knees to come up right to the bowl and begin drinking thirstily. 14-year-old slow-moving Abigail moved slowly toward me and the bowl and then stood patiently to the side. Gracie who years ago was dumped at a gas station and hit by two cars on the same day disregarded the chicken broth and walked straight up to me with her head held high to make sure she would get loved and petted. She would just assume wait for the chicken broth. She wanted my love and fellowship first! What a sweet love story!

See, what mattered to Gracie that morning most of all wasn’t the chicken broth. She trusted she would get her needs met. She would get her food and broth for the day. She would get her walks. She would have a warm, safe, cozy bed to snuggle next to her siblings while Mommy (me) worked away at her writing and other ministry work. And she would go to sleep that night loved, safe, well fed, and secure. But her highest priority that morning was me and my love and her love in return. Love and Mommy came first.

Oh, friend, is our highest desire an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ? Is our highest desire His love for us and ours for Him? Is our highest desire time alone with Him? Our precious fellowship with Him? Praying, praising and worshiping Him, reading the Bible, spending time in His presence, singing to Him, taking walks with Him, seeking Him, learning from Him, listening for the voice and leading of His Spirit who lives inside His followers? Obeying Him, serving Him, following Him? Or is our highest desire getting our chicken broth? Our provision? Our needs and perhaps wants met?

What a sweet love story, isn’t it? Gracie trusted me for her provision and put her relationship with me and our love for each other first. Can we say the same about ourselves and the Lord?

Dear Lord, I have such a long way to go. I get so convicted when you give me messages to write and to do in my Video Devotionals. The messages are for all of us, Lord, aren’t they? Those who read and watch – and me. Sometimes I come running to you for provision, Father, and have my priorities out of order. Sometimes I so lack trust that I frantically pursue you for my provision as a higher priority than seeking you for your fellowship. Oh, Lord, perfect your ways in all of us. Draw each and every one of us into an ever-increasingly wonderful and closer and closer relationship with you! And forgive us for each time we fall short. Oh, Lord, THANK YOU!

 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” James 4:8

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