Amazing Police Testimony


Within about 24 hours of arriving in my latest location of being on the road for Jesus full-time for about 5 years with my special needs ministry dogs, I did my usual when I arrive at a new location even if it is one I have been sent by God before as this one was. I had left behind coastal South Carolina in sunny 70 degree weather at the beach with my beloved dogs to spend two weeks in grey, windy, and cold Virginia after spending 11 hours in the car. Two weeks later, I spent another 5 hours in the car to arrive in what in the days to come would turn out to be freezing cold, grey, rainy, and windy weather. And I am so sensitive to cold that I can wake in the night in a heated room at 78 degrees and feel really cold.

My usual at a new location? I usually get really scared, feel really overwhelmed, think about running back to wherever I came from, question whether I have lost my mind, wondered if I was wrong about where I felt God had sent me, and want to escape as quickly as possible and start imagining where I can RUN.

How could I possibly have the strength as a middle-aged woman on the road for all these years wiped out time and again by this crazy world combined with my personal challenges and the stress of my ministry work? Oh, but what a beautiful blessing God brought me this time around!

When I looked out my open hotel room door and saw two police officers in bullet-proof vests, I didn’t panic. I am used to police coming and going at the budget hotels where I stay and often do much ministry. Words came bursting from my mouth which is typical of me.

“Want to come meet my dogs?” I essentially said as I walked over to them.

I am sure the police officers were taken back. Nevertheless they walked over with me to my room to meet my beloved dogs. As most people are, they were enamored by my paralyzed wheelchair doggy Miss Mercy. And shy Gracie in her usual fashion stood back at a distance to see if she could trust them enough to come up for a hello.

We chatted a bit about the dogs. Somehow, in the midst of it, I did something a bit odd especially given the officers were in uniform and bullet proof vests. I looked down at the wrist of one of the officers. That’s when I saw it. I should wear glasses but usually only do when driving. So I asked to make sure I saw correctly. Sure enough. Amazing what God had sent me courtesy of a bullet proof-vested police officer.

On his wrist? A wristband with a reference to a Bible verse. Philippians 4:13.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NKJV

I was in awe once again of the Lord’s wondrousness and blessedness and His amazing love and care.

I told the officers how moved I was by receiving that verse, and the officer with the wristband commented how it seemed God had essentially sent him to the hotel that day to bring me that verse. Oh, most assuredly!

I could be wrong, but it would not surprise me in the least if someone God leads to read this message needs this exact verse. Reminding us all that through the Lord Jesus Christ, when our lives are surrendered to Him, we can receive all we need – strength included – to do all to which the Lord calls us. Oh, praise the Lord for this blessed little testimony! May you be greatly, greatly encouraged – AMEN!

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