Another Update from Lara


Hi friend,

By the love, grace, and mercy of God, after about an 8 hour drive and only 6 days after having to say goodbye to my beautiful special needs ministry dog Abigail whom I had for 15.5 years & 5 months after losing my precious paralyzed ministry dog Mr. Simeon, I arrived safely yesterday in south Florida not far out of Miami which the Lord has made clear is my next big ministry destination before heading northbound for my next big ministry destination after that.

This all comes just weeks before my 4 year anniversary of being on the road for Jesus full-time with my beloved handicapped ministry dogs with no permanent base anywhere. Most of my life’s belongings, my sweet remaining special needs ministry dogs Miss Mercy & Grace, my ministry printing equipment & supplies, Miss Mercy’s wheelchairs, & their veterinary equipment and myself all fit into my car which has about 250,000 miles on it.

Given my background of decades of brokenness beyond human hope & repair and my growing up in a Jewish family that didn’t believe in God and having dabbled in all sorts of false religions and not even believing God existed, and given how prone I am to fear and negativity when I’m not careful, I find this all to be miraculous! I have committed my life 100% to the Lord Jesus Christ, and am thrilled and humbled beyond measure His calling for me is to live and breathe to love, serve, praise, worship, and glorify God and to help others worldwide to do the same! I am ever amazed by God!

Please be patient as I settle into my latest location and see what the Lord has in store for me with the hope very soon I will Lord willing start sending out more Good News Daily written messages and video devotionals.

In the meantime, I would be exceedingly thankful for very strong prayer as well as donations and new Monthly Sponsors.

In truth, this next step of my life on the road for Jesus is unbelievably daunting, overwhelming, scary, and exhausting particularly with my recent loss and my history & usual pushing myself hard in ministry. But I have full confidence the Lord will provide all I need to continue forth day by day in fulfilling my life’s calling for Him.

love & blessings,


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