Another Update & Prayer Request


Not so very long ago I felt so exhausted and drained after being on the road full-time for the Lord with my special needs ministry dogs for just over 4 years that I wondered if maybe my life was coming to an end. I felt utterly depleted. I couldn’t fathom how I could possibly press on in life, in ministry, in being on the road for the Lord, in getting through the days. Oh, but the Lord sent me the most wonderful blessing.

A brother in the Lord who is like a son in the faith to me and who is a beautiful inspiration to me of a life totally consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ and ministry, prayed his heart out for me. I won’t tell you what he prayed nor do I remember much if not most of it. But I can tell you the Lord used his prayer to give me a fresh start. To revive me. And, though I am still regularly tired due to the nature of my ministry work and how hard I work combined with not sleeping well and still needing to learn to handle stress better, I feel deep inside a fire and passion and fervency like never before to love and serve the Lord with all my heart and to fulfill my life’s calling to help people find and forever follow Him. Here now is my latest update.

My new location is northern Virginia outside Washington, DC. I am blessed beyond measure while I am in this latest location to see family and spiritual family.

I spent about 12 hours in the car driving to this location one day and about another 2 or so the next day from South Carolina as the Lord led me the long way in part I believe to give me much time alone with Him to seek and hear from Him.

The Lord has made clear since leaving South Carolina my highest priorities as I press on in ministry are to be to WRITE, PUBLISH & PRAY. Along with that, I am to continue my streets, hotel, and beach ministry work.

I began to question whether I am to stay on the road full-time for the Lord given His leading concerning what my priorities are now to be, and I figured it might be time especially given how tired I have been on and off to plant myself permanently somewhere. But the Lord has made ultra clear I am to deny self, take up cross, and stay on the road for Him in His strength and with His provision.

He is also blessing me now with ministering to women  around the country in need of love, encouragement, prayer, and help following Jesus. And it looks like I may be starting a women’s group(s) by telephone to help women to be totally devoted to the Lord including to find and fulfill His will for their lives.

Regarding writing, some time ago I shared I felt led to be writing two books simultaneously. I ended up writing and finishing one of them but setting the other aside to see how the Lord leads. Once again, I am sensing the Lord leading me to write two simultaneously. Both new ones while the one I set aside is still on hold as I wait for direction from the Lord about whether or not to continue with that one.

I need to edit and publish the one recently finished, and as you can imagine my heart and hands are already quite full! The good news is my Good News Daily devotionals by email include the writing that goes into the books. Nevertheless, it’s still lots of work – work for the Lord I love!

Meanwhile, unfortunately I now have no regular volunteers for the printing production of my tracts and devotionals that go out around the country to prisons, homeless shelters, street preachers, individuals to distribute, hotels, restaurant, via my own ministry work, etc. I continue to seek the Lord about paying for printing services, but the quotes I am given are very high. The Lord has used these booklets tremendously over the years, and I am clear He wants me to continue. I am committed to His will in this despite the challenges and could very much use strong ongoing prayer as well as donors and monthly sponsors to help with this and the ministry as a whole.

As for my special needs ministry dogs, I still have just paralyzed senior Miss Mercy and senior hit-by-2-cars-on-the-same-day-years-ago Gracie. I have considered adding another to my little crew but will wait on the Lord to see if this would ever be His will and when. I am totally desirous to be in the will of the Lord in all matters as I now at long last live utterly for Him!

As you can imagine after reading this, I continually have a lot going on and am in much need of rest along the way. I could also greatly use ongoing prayer as the Lord leads as well as more people to step forward to help support the ministry financially.

Thank you for the privilege and blessing of sharing with you the fruit of my life and ministry as well as this latest update of my life on the road for Jesus!

love & blessings,



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