Apology: Dog Wheelchair Donations


I would like to apologize to those who made donations for paralyzed ministry dog Miss Mercy’s new pink wheelchair. First, thank you so much for your love & generosity! Second, I am sorry to let you know the wheelchair was very low quality & additionally had multiple problems. A very kind hotel worker where I currently am for my ministry work graciously spent several hours along with another worker advising and a hotel guest offering to help trying to make the wheelchair work. But I felt it unwise and unsafe to have that much money go toward a wheelchair for a paralyzed dog that started off with so many problems and with not good quality.

If you would like your donation returned, I fully understand. Please just let me know.

In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers. While the customer service rep was very nice, unfortunately the company is stating that it will take them weeks to return the money and that they may not return it in full as they would charge a restocking fee. I wrote a letter and stated I felt this was wrong given what they sent me and that this is a charity organization. I am disappointed and sad that a company making dog wheelchairs would not be extra sensitive and compassionate and caring with a non-profit organization, but I know times have changed and it seems we need the Lord Jesus Christ and a return to Him and to love and kindness more than ever.

Thank you for your love & prayers!

p.s. I have made some “creative” modifications to her old wheelchair. So far, so good. It’s old and not the prettiest, but it’s working well & she is used to it and getting along pretty well in it.




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