Serving God – with LOVE


I am sad to confess I spent most of my time in the working world back long ago when I had paid positions and wasn’t a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and didn’t have my ministry with a terrible work ethic. I picked jobs to please me and to make money. End of story. My motive was to satisfy self in one way or another.

I did everything from going out drinking with co-workers to getting into a relationship with a married man “getting divorced” to spending my time at work running up their long distance bill with personal calls to stealing office supplies to often having a terrible attitude when it came to actually getting any work done. I did not have a servant’s heart. I had a heart filled with self-centeredness, pride, arrogance, complaining, self-pity, anxiety because I couldn’t stand sitting still in an office, selfishness, etc. As far as working was concerned, oh, sure, I did my work. With a terrible attitude, a sense of I’m-doing-this-because-I-have-to-and-can’t-wait-for-the-work-day-to-be-over and IS-IT-TIME-FOR-MY-PAYCHECK-AND-MY-NEXT-VACATION?!

Isn’t it tragic that God calls us to LOVE and serve Him with all our hearts and yet we may find ourselves serving Him with anything but love? His greatest command is to love Him with all our hearts, yet we may find ourselves serving Him if we’re serving Him at all with anything but love in our hearts. We may be moaning, whining, complaining, bored, sluggish, slothful, self-pitying, distracted, disinterested, uncaring, and simply trying to check our serving off of our to-do list, etc.

Friend, let us LOVE – AND – SERVE God with all – yes ALL – our hearts! If our attitudes are wrong when it comes to serving the Lord, let’s get them right. Now is the time to repent and make the changes we need to make, AMEN!

God, I pray for correction for all of us. For me, for my readers, for all who profess to call you God. Who call Jesus Christ Lord. Oh, God, please correct us in any way in which we are not serving you at all. Correct us in any way in which we are not serving you with LOVE. Furthermore, dear Father, please each and every day bring us all correction we need, chasten us in your love for us, lead us to repentance, teach us and empower us by your Holy Sprit to walk in your ways. Including when it comes to serving you – with LOVE! Amen!

“But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the law, which Moses the servant of the LORD charged you, to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments, and to cleave unto him, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Joshua 22:5 KJV


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