Are You a Picky Eater of God’s Manna?

Mother Theresa the miracle dog is a picky eater, there is no doubt about it. She not only goes through phases of what she will and will not eat, but she actually picks through her food. She is the only dog I have ever known that  slowly, laboriously, and deliberately goes through her food while spitting out any pieces of food she does not choose to eat. By the time she is through eating, she almost always leaves pieces of food strewn in different directions around her food. It takes her so long to eat, and she makes such a piece of artwork around her bowl that I keep the other dogs outside while she eats. They race in when she is done to find out what she has left behind on any particular day. The fascinating thing about Mother Theresa’s picky habit is that all the food is the same, but somehow she believes one piece is different from the next. Tonight, as I watched her eat, I thought of God’s manna and how we choose to receive it.

All of God’s manna comes from heaven; He is the Creator of everything good. All blessings are from the Lord, and yet I find that I oftentimes treat them just as Mother Theresa handles her food. I pick and choose what I will receive, tossing one thing to one side and another to the other side. Rather than trusting that everything the Lord gives me is good, and for my good, I often slowly, laboriously (or quickly in my case!), and deliberately sift through His manna to decide what I will accept and what I will reject. Oftentimes, like with Mother Theresa, I leave a mess on the floor of what I have decided to leave behind.

If Mother Theresa understood every piece of food is a blessing, and if I would trust the Lord and remember everything that comes from Him is good, I would take joy in receiving ALL of His blessings and praising Him for His perfect will.

Jas 1:17  “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

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