Are You Missing God’s Beauty?

Have you ever gotten so caught up in what you’re thinking, and what you’re doing, and what you think you should be doing, that you woke up one moment, or one morning, to realize you had been missing God’s beauty? This sweet spring morning, ripe with chit-chatty birds, lazy sunshine rising and shining, happy green grass stretching its arms with a yawn, and plenty of dogs bee bopping around the ever growing yard, I was caught up as is so often the case in my endless stream of thoughts. 

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All of a sudden, for no reason in particular, I looked up for a moment. And suddenly I saw that I had been missing God’s beauty – not for the first time, and probably not for the last. One look up, and one look around, and I saw all that I had been missing.

Spring came bounding in, arm in arm with an early summer it seems, chasing after a winter that acted like it would simply not budge. Now growth abounds, green absolutely all around, birds born, others nesting, once naked trees showing off their new outfits of leaves, so many leaves, and even the weeds are boasting their little purplish, or is it blue, petals so pretty. 

Oh, how much I have missed not only in this new birth of spring. How much I have missed in my life, so stuck have I been in the imaginings, the imaginations, the thoughts and dreams and disappointments and frustrations and challenges and circumstances and situations and once in a while hopefulness and so much hopelessness and the everyday and long ago particulars of life, do you see?

 And all along the Lord humbly displayed, and displays, and will display His glorious artistry, His beauty, His gift of nature and overflowing baskets of blessings ever tumbling forth in the seasons as they come and go, winter, spring, summer, fall, oh, if I only I would stop to appreciate, and look to see, and open my mouth to praise, and lift my fingers to my keyboard to type and say, Thank you, God! Thank you, God! Thank you for your ever beauty! Thank you, God, for the beauty of you! And thank you, God, for all the beauty you have created! 
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