Be Raw, Be Real


Sometimes when we go through hard stuff, we want to wrap a big thick comforter around ourselves and burrow down under it so nobody can see us. We want to hide our hurting hearts, our troubles and struggles, our worries and sorrows, our anger and bitterness, our wide array of emotions. We want to bury our broken hearts and broken down lives so nobody knows. We want to poke our heads out from our covers when nobody is looking just long enough to grab and gulp in a few breaths of fresh air before we hunker down again under what we convince ourselves is the safety and security of our covers.

We don’t want to come out until the hard stuff is over, if it ever is, and sometimes we figure it best to never come out from the covers at all. We don’t want to be seen in our struggles, and we can’t imagine anyway that we could be of any use to anyone else in the state we’re in. How could we possibly love and serve others like this? How could we possibly have anything to give? How could we be a blessing and encouragement to them? What kind of benefit could we be to anyone else? How could we be of use to anyone most of all any use to the Lord given how we feel, how hard our lives are, how the battles of our hearts and lives wage on?

Friend, I have felt this way a zillion times over. Even as I write this, I am going through yet another very trying season of my life. But it dawns on me, and I have learned this from experience, when we toss away the covers and come out from hiding, or when we refuse to go into hiding under our covers in the first place, that we can choose to be RAW and REAL and BE USED BY THE LORD!

Some of the biggest work God has done in and through me is when I have gone through some of the hardest of times and been RAW and REAL and so crushed and broken and yielded to the Lord that He has mightily and powerfully poured His Spirit into and through me whereby He uses me to reach people and draw them to Himself by His love, grace, mercy, truth, wisdom, kindness, strength, and power all for His glory, AMEN!

Be raw. Be real. Don’t think if you’re going through hard stuff God can’t use you. He may use you now more than ever. He doesn’t look for perfect people. He looks for people who are wholly His and who moment by moment humble themselves before Him and trust in Him and yield to His Spirit and His will and long to love and serve Him and bring Him honor, praise, and glory, hallelujah, yes, AMEN!

You who have repented and received Jesus Christ as Lord, BE RAW and BE REAL. Don’t hide under the covers in your hard times. Humble yourself before the Lord and be filled with His Holy Spirit and cry out to Him to use you however He desires all for the glory of Christ, oh yes! Amen, Amen!

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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