Beautiful Assignment God Gave Me


“Love her,” the Holy Spirit spoke strongly to my heart regarding someone about whom I was deeply concerned. “That is your assignment.”

Weren’t there a million things I was supposed to do to help her? Wasn’t God going to give me tons of instructions? Didn’t I have a super big assignment in her life? Yes, I did. But rather than give me any number of things to do to help this person, God wanted me simply to LOVE her!

God may give us any number of instructions to help people including sharing the Gospel message, praying, encouraging, confronting in love, pointing them to the Bible, helping them understand and live by the Bible, helping them financially, offering them support with one thing or another, cooking for them, driving them somewhere, housecleaning for them, offering a listening ear, etc. And we absolutely should do anything and everything to which He calls us.

But first and foremost, always, we should LOVE. And sometimes this is the beginning and end of it. God may simply call us to LOVE so that He can help, heal, comfort, bless, draw them to Himself, etc. through the LOVE with which we LOVE them. And He may send others to help them in any number of ways and simply use the love He pours through us to bring His love into their lives as He uses others to bless them in various ways. Whose love is it with which we should LOVE them? HIS LOVE!

No matter what, we can never go wrong with choosing to LOVE! So let us LOVE, AMEN!

Oh, God, tell us with every person you bring into our lives what it is you desire us to do. And if you don’t outright tell us by your Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts, show us. Compel us. Lead us Guide us. Give us wisdom. Help us humble ourselves before you and know and fulfill your will concerning them love so very much included, oh Lord! No matter what, dear Father, help us to LOVE them with YOUR LOVE, oh Lord, AMEN!

“This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:12-13 KJV

What about people who aren’t our friends? What about those who aren’t family? What about strangers? What about our so-called enemies? What about people we don’t even know? Please read God’s Word daily! You will see! Love, love, love. We are to live a lifestyle of love. Oh, for the love of Christ! Oh, through the love of Christ! Oh, in the love of Christ! Oh, with the love of Christ! Let us LOVE!

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