Biblical Butt-Kickers


I call them my butt-kickers. They are my biblical butt-kickers. They are my friends who love the Lord so much that they are willing to tell me the truth even when it is hard to hear. They are too sold out to the Lord and care about me too much to watch me walk through difficult places without telling me there is another way. They remind me about what is real, and they tell me what I tend to forget. God has blessed me with a number of biblical butt-kickers. Why? He knows me well. I have a habit of staying in places I need to leave, and to hold onto people and things I am supposed to let go. My butt-kickers remind me what the Lord says in His Word, and they do not let me stay fallen when they know very well God wants me to get up. What did my pastor tell me last week? “The Bible says rise up and walk. I am saying, “Rise up and grow up.”” Ouch. My response? Thank you God that you love me so much you have surrounded me with loved ones who remind me to keep my eyes on the prize and my feet walking where God is calling.

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