Biblical Lesson from a Dog Fight

There is nothing like a dog fight to teach a biblical lesson. Okay, it wasn’t a bad fight. It was barely a fight at all. But it was enough to put a biblical thought upon my heart.

Apparently Freckles (who still needs a home!) was dirty, at least according to his foster host, Billie. Billie decided to give Freckles a good bath, and still is as I write. He started with the ear, moved around his face, and continued. He decided to be very thorough about it.
Dancer (who still needs a home, too!) liked the idea of this. He decided to help. He did not realize Billie wanted exclusive privileges to give the bath. Billie snapped at Dancer, and Freckles sat waiting for the bath to continue. Freckles did not care so much about the bather; he just enjoyed the bath.
I thought of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. He called us to do the same, didn’t He? But how many of us in the Body of Christ are washing the feet of those in need? How many of us are getting our hands dirty helping to clean the feet – or, the walk – of someone in need?
Furthermore, how many of us are fighting to wash the feet of someone in need? Are there so many of us washing the feet of people in need that we have to fight to find someone with dirty feet? Or, are we sitting back waiting for someone else to do the dirty work?
The Bible teaches that love covers sin; we are to wash one another’s feet, and we are to humble ourselves as Jesus did to serve. Even when we are not called to physically wash someone’s feet, are we not called by God into the lives of people whose lives need cleaning up?
Do we turn away and pretend we do not see the dirt – or sin – in someone’s life? Do we pretend not to see the person who needs the Lord to clean up his or her walk?
Or, do we as Billie and Dancer did walk boldly up to the person with the messed up walk and begin to wash his feet? Do we speak the truth in love as the Lord leads, and do we take the person by the hand and heart and lead the person to Jesus Christ?
The Lord can, and will, wash away our sin. But do we as believers not have a responsibility to bend down on our hands and knees, to lower ourselves to where our fellow is, to lay down our own life, to wash the feet of someone who needs to know Jesus?
Perhaps we are a long way off from having enough believers hungry to serve to fight over who will help the one in need.
But we are only a step, a breath, a prayer, a Holy Spirit-led movement away from reaching the next set of feet that need to be led, and turned, by love in the direction of Jesus Christ, begin a new walk, and be cleaned up in the process by the purifying love of the Lord.
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