What Will You Give?


What will you give this holiday season? Will you give the Lord’s love? Will you give help? Will you give patience? Will you give understanding? Will you give forgiveness? Will you give the mercy? Will you give compassion?

Why are the stores packed with people buying Christmas presents? Why are people saving up money to buy gifts for family and friends? Why are people wrapping gifts and topping them off with big red ribbons and bows?

Why do we automatically think of giving something material when the greatest gift of all cannot be purchased in a store, wrapped in a box, or finished off with a rainbow colored ribbon or bow?

When was the last time you gave the gift of Jesus Christ to a family member, a friend, or even a stranger? Giving the Gospel of Jesus Christ to someone does not cost anything at all. Jesus Christ already paid the price.

As you prepare to celebrate the season of His birth, why not consider celebrating by sharing Him?

Throw off the ribbons, toss aside the bows, tear off the wrapping paper, lift the lid off the box, and climb out of the familiarity and comfort and security of giving material possessions that will undoubtedly have a life span and a limit.

How about eternal life and the inheritance of an abundant life on earth through Jesus Christ?

Why not give the greatest gift of all? Jesus.

Step out and share the Gospel.

The greatest gift of all. Jesus is Christ. Jesus is Lord. Amen.

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