Blind Dog Glory’s Inspiration

When I heard the desperately frantic howling, I went running indoors expecting to see some of the dogs up to their usual antics. Instead, I found sweet, blind, senior dog Glory, just returned from eye removal surgery. She was howling at the top of her lungs in a big dog crate in my bedroom. I wondered if she was in horrific pain as I glanced at her hugely swollen surgery site where her eye had been. But I quickly discovered otherwise. For as soon as I pulled her into my arms with a soothing voice and a heart full of mercy and compassion, she was perfectly at peace.

And I was reminded of how often I have cried out in my own blind terror, desperately howling because I could not see. I could not understand. I could not figure it out. I could not comprehend my circumstances. I did not know how to get to where I needed to go. Like Glory, who was crashing into everything around her, restless, uncomfortable, trying to determine how to get to where she needed to go, to some place of security, of safety, of comfort, and of peace, I have often done the exact same.

Though I have eyes to see the world around me, my heart so often does not understand where the Lord is taking me because He does not call me to walk according to my human eyes and human understanding. He calls me to place my trust in Him and to walk by faith, the same way little Glory walks.

She seeks my voice and follows. She trusts me to provide her with all that she needs, and she trusts me to take her where she needs to go. Though she cannot see with her eyes where I am, she listens because she knows I am the one she counts on.

Glory howled until I came to her, and then she relaxed in my arms. I was reminded of the sigh and relief and peace I have experienced when I bring my heart and life and questions and issues and challenges and surrender myself into the arms of the Lord.

In Him I have found peace, for He is my peace. In Him I have found safety, for His is my safety. In Him I have found security, for He is my security. When I cannot see the way I am going, and am crashing into everything around, I cry out as Glory did for the one place I know I might rest.

In Him. 

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