Don’t Let Go

Don’t let go of your hold of God. No matter how hard your circumstances, how great your challenges, how big your obstacles, how enormous your hurdles, how enormous your pain, how huge your hurt, don’t let go of God. Hold on tighter. Press in harder. Move closer to Him. Call on Him more. Dig into His Word deeper.

When the voices scream at you that God’s way isn’t working, that God’s way is too difficult, that God’s way is not worth it, that God’s way is taking too long, that God’s way won’t amount to anything, that God’s way isn’t as good, scream back at the voices, “No! I won’t back down! I won’t let go of God!”

Don’t relent. Do’n’t run away from Him. Run at full speed into His loving embrace and hold on for dear life. Hold on forever.

Don’t let go of God. 

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