Bye-Bye Negativity


Some people are negative by nature. Some are really, really negative by nature. I am really, really, really negative by nature and pretty much always have been. So imagine my surprise and delight at realizing that overall I have become an enormously positive person. How is that possible if negativity is my nature? Because God when He forgives our sins and gives us everlasting life through our repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and in His death and resurrection and committing our lives to God and His ways transforms us day by day as we learn to live for Him and no longer for self.

God took on a very big tough project when He took me on, but He in His love and mercy and kindness and grace and by His great power has been changing me day by day and will finish the work He began in me. This is how more and more the negativity is becoming a thing of the past while more and more I am living the way God created me to live.

If you struggle with being negative sometimes, or even a lot as I have for as long as I can remember, the #1 way I have found to combat negativity is to be totally devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, to focus on God and the Bible and His ways and His will for me, to spend time alone in His presence praying and praising Him, seeking and hearing Him, singing to Him and enjoying Him, worshiping Him and experiencing His magnificent presence, loving and serving Him with all my heart – and CHOOSING JOY AND THANKSGIVING instead of negativity and all that goes with it.

Every time you are tempted to fall into negativity, or if you have already fallen into it, turn away from it, turn to God, and choose Thanksgiving!

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