lara’s Prayer Request & Update


Dear Friend,

Just as I come up on 5 years on the road for Jesus and ministry, I have been in coastal South Carolina for the past few months and am now preparing to depart very soon Lord willing for a short stop in northern Virginia followed by a season of ministry on the streets of New York City along with serving in Hoboken, New Jersey and the surrounding area as the Lord leads.

The past few months have been filled with much time in God’s presence, praying and seeking Him, reading the Word, writing and publishing, streets / beach / hotel ministry, ministering by phone and email, and going through much refining, purification, preparation, growth, maturing in the Lord, and being further transformed by Him.

I have continued to face ongoing personal challenges, hard spiritual battles, poor unloving treatment by people on a regular basis, and trials and stress caused by the evil practices of so many in this world right now. But praise the Lord, I feel closer to the Lord than I have ever been and so thankful for His love, comfort, kindness, tenderness, wisdom, care, and how He grows me through it all and uses me to help others to love and follow Him.

My beloved special needs dogs paralyzed Miss Mercy hit by likely a truck long ago and Grace dumped at a gas station and hit by two cars long ago are doing remarkably well by God’s grace despite the fact they are now about 11 years old. They have slowed down, have some aches and pains, and Miss Mercy is having significant neck and shoulder pain at times which makes her walks in the wheelchair challenging. But I put my trust in the Lord, and He is lovingly faithfully leading the three of us on in our journey on the road for Him. He is using the dogs continually to bring people to me whom I am blessed to minister to, pray for, give Gospel tracts to, talk about Jesus to, and love and encourage.

I confess my flesh would love to stay in the warm climate, have access to the beach daily, be in a familiar and relatively comfortable and safe and quiet location, and be where life is way more affordable financially especially given the state of this world right now.

But I am blessed, humbled, honored, and privileged to be called by God to fulfill my ministry calling for Him, and I belong to Him and live for Him. I am totally devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is my heart’s cry and calling to help others to become and remain totally devoted followers of Jesus also.

And so it is as best I am able to discern the will of God almighty, I strive daily to humble myself, seek His face, and in the strength of Christ for the glory of Christ press on in the Lord’s work with the ultimate goal of bringing Him love, honor, praise, and glory forever as I work to fulfill my ministry calling.

Prayers and donations would be very greatly appreciated!

Please include in your praying if led I need a miracle, help, and support concerning an unexpected exceedingly challenging and stressful administrative / taxes issue with an enormous impact on my life and ministry coming right at the time I am preparing for the enormously challenging transition to my new locations.

love & blessings,



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