Crime Against My Ministry – Prayer Please


(written August 6, 2021)

Dear Friend,

This morning, someone got into my ministry bank account and stole a significant amount of money. This is one of a number of recent challenges. I recently purchased a new car for my life on the road for Jesus, and that purchase involved dishonesty and deception on the part of the selling company. I also was involved in a dispute regarding a medical bill from some time ago involving deception and false promises and poor treatment on the part of that company. I also am at a hotel for two months now for my ministry work with very bad internet service & a wi-fi company that has refused to fix the problem, took tons of my time for a month or so, lied, broke promises, and refused to acknowledge their wrongdoing after also causing much stress to the hotel itself.

Additionally, I found out my car insurance company gave me a very wrong quote, was doing something dishonest, offered for me to engage in the dishonesty, and then neglected to acknowledge the wrongdoing. In addition, a friend in ministry was hit very badly by a car earlier this week after the car saw him and sped up before hitting him. I also recently saw a doctor concerning a certain diagnosis who gave me some medication options that are concerning. Along with this, and using all this, along with other matters, including about a month of going back and forth to vets to get help for paralyzed dog Miss Mercy who by God’s grace is okay right now, the devil has tried everything imaginable to try to get me to turn my back on the Lord and quit my ministry work.

I am overjoyed to tell you that despite these challenges, despite the stress, despite my fatigue, despite my flesh at times wanting to run and find somewhere comfortable and easy to go, I am more excited and dedicated than ever to love and worship and serve and glorify God with all my heart and to tell the world about Him. And I praise God almighty by His love and grace alone I choose to forgive the people and companies that have done this. My heart’s cry for all is that all would repent and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and believe in His death and resurrection and commit their lives to Him now and forevermore! For I yearn for all to know the love of God and be with Him forever rather than go to hell and the lake of fire for eternity which all will do who do not repent and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and live for Him.

Do you want to help me as I press on? Prayer is always greatly appreciated. And so are donations especially having people step forward willing to give on a monthly basis. I would especially LOVE it if someone or some people step forward to sponsor my getting a WI-FI hotspot whereby I can have excellent and safe internet service wherever I am on the road for Jesus and ministry. I use the internet constantly to tell the world about Jesus, and having terrible service and having to deal with companies like the one I dealt with, this takes up much time and is a distraction from my focus on the Lord and on ministry.

Thank you in advance for however you may be led to help if you are!

love & blessings,

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