Is Your Cup Half Full?


Is Your Cup Half Full?

 “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.” Psalm 23:5 ESV

    You’ve probably heard the expression before about seeing your life as a half full cup or a half empty one. In other words, focusing on the good versus the bad. Looking at your life negatively or with a positive, thankful attitude. Do you tend to focus on what’s wrong in your life, or what’s right? Are you prone to being sad, discouraged, self-pitying, disgruntled, complaining, etc. about what you’re missing in life? Or are you prone to praising the Lord for His endless blessings? The psalmist in Psalm 23 doesn’t write of a half empty versus half full cup. He writes of his cup overflowing! One early morning when I was spending time with the Lord, His Spirit startled me with this truth. He doesn’t want us to see our cups as half full rather than half empty. He wants us to praise Him for our overflowing cups! I began to ponder what an overflowing cup represents, and this came to me. I encourage you to meditate on the verse as well.

  1. An overflowing cup is so full of blessings that the blessings cannot be contained. God loves us and wants to bless us!
  2. An overflowing cup is so full of blessings that the blessings spill over onto the world around us. Onto others!
  3. God wants us so filled with His Spirit by believing in and following the Lord Jesus Christ and receiving the gift of His Spirit and ever asking and receiving fresh fillings of His Spirit that His Spirit cannot be contained in our cups.
  4. God wants us so filled with His Spirit that His Spirit spills over onto the world around us. Onto others!
  5. God doesn’t want our thanksgiving to Him for His salvation through Christ for those who repent and believe in Christ and for His amazing provision to be half-hearted as represented with a half-filled cup. He wants our thanksgiving, our praise and adoration, to be unceasing and continually falling over onto the world around us.
  6. God doesn’t want our praise to be restricted to Sunday church services, to a few minutes each morning or before we go to bed, to be forced, done under pressure, by obligation, etc., but instead to come from hearts overflowing with love for Him.

The psalmist writes of his enemies which represents great trials. Even amid our greatest trials, God wants us to acknowledge and praise Him for who He is, for His majesty and glory, for His overflowing Spirit, never-ending love, grace, mercy, hope, peace, provision, and promise of everlasting life for Christ followers. Do you see your cup as overflowing? Is it time to change your perspective and praise the Lord?   

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