I share with you once again the words I believe the Lord spoke into my heart today. If you believe these words are from the Lord, and may be for you, please take the message into your heart and see how the Lord might lead you in entering into, or deepening, your relationship with Him.

Do not be swayed by what you hear, nor be moved by what you see. Remember that you are to be guided by my Word. In loving me, you have a responsibility to hear from me, and to follow me where I lead you. Your directions for your daily living may seem to come from those around you, but in truth the way that I want you to live is by discerning my voice and obeying when I give you instructions. Some people do not believe that I can be heard. I can.

I have a voice, and this voice is the one that I want you to follow. Today, do your best to hear my voice and to not be influenced by all the voices that surround you. Some of the voices are internal. These are influences from your circumstances, from people to whom you have listened, by your past, by situations you have encountered, by even more than this. Your job is to move away from the voices and to hear mine. Do not be deceived. My voice will always be consistent with my Word. You must be deeply entrenched in study of my Word to be able to tell what voice is mine, and what voice is the voice of the world.

I did not save you and call you to be my own in order for you to follow the voice of the world. This is the voice that got you into trouble in the past. Your job is to listen to me. When you listen, consider this. When you follow me, you will find that everything I desire for you so far surpasses the world’s perception of what needs to come into fruition that you will marvel at your decision to follow me instead. Do not look to the world. Look away. Look up. Look to me. Look within. This is where I am. I live inside of you. I have a voice that wants to be heard.

Think of how often you have been dismayed when those around you did not pay you attention. They did not hear you. They would not take the time to sit down and hear what you had to say. Imagine the position I am in. I have the very best for you, and yet look how often you have done everything but take the time to listen and obey. Please remember. My words to you are for your best. The world may deceive you into thinking that its voice offers you something wonderful, when in fact I am the best. I have the best for you. I am offering this to you.

Please come and sit at my feet. Your pastor told you yesterday to be still. I ask all of you this. Be still before me and hear what I have to say. You will find that the results of listening and obeying far exceed anything you could have imagined for yourself. Why not begin now? Trust me. I have words that I want to speak to you. You have failed to listen in the past. But there is still time. Time now to listen. Time to hear. Time to obey. Be still.

Dear Father, I am humbled that you would take the time to speak to me. I am ashamed that I have spent so much of my life not listening, not hearing, not obeying. And yet, in your infinite mercy, you have continued to invite me to sit at your feet. I come before you now, in awe of you, learning how to reverence you, loving you, learning that you truly do love me even as I am. I want a relationship with you, Father, but not a mediocre one. I want the very best. Please teach me to listen, to hear, and to obey. Help me to trust you. Heal my unbelief. Grow me up. Lord, how I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you with loving me in a way that you would take the time to speak to me – and to want me to hear you. Thank you for never giving up on me. Amen. 

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