Dark Years of My Soul

Some people have dark nights of the soul. I have had dark years of the soul. I have known such darkness at times that light did not play hide and seek with me. Light hid and never sought me, and I was enveloped in darkness so deep I was often too weary to seek light.

Some people find Jesus and seem to turn their backs on darkness. I met Jesus and went deeper into darkness. I became mired in dark after my encounter with Him for two reasons. For the beginning years after my introduction, I believed in Him but did not follow Him. For the next series of years, I followed Him but found my heart in darkness.

I followed Him but held on for dear life to that which I needed to let go. I stomped out the gentle flickering of light with the sins of pride, fear, worry, doubt, bitterness, and the list of drapes I held over the light carries on. Today I follow Jesus, and I work hard to cast my sins aside that light might leap and dance and burst forth from within.

When I stumble upon darkness in the midst of trying circumstances, I remember. The world might be dark, but the light of the Lord’s love can shine, shine, shine from inside me so long as I keep my heart free from that which throws wet blankets of sin over His light from within that shines, shines, shines.

These are the light years of my soul as I learn to let my light shine no matter the darkness around that abounds. His love shines.

Mat 5:16“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”
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