Don’t Stop Praying

Please don’t stop praying. Please don’t give up interceding for the one the Lord assigned you to intercede for. Please don’t get caught up in what you see with your human eyes and hear with your human ears and fall away from petitioning God to save your loved one, to help the stranger, to forgive a nation, to have mercy on a prisoner, etc. Please don’t cease your prayers. Please remember God does not only know how to answer. God knows when to answer. So don’t stop praying.

I am shockingly back in touch with someone for whom I have prayed for nearly a decade. I have prayed more for this person than for almost anyone else in the world. The situation looked impossible. The person seemed unreachable. The prayers seemed unheard. The praying appeared futile. But my prayers were seeds, and all these years later I am seeing the early signs of a plentiful harvest. What if I had stopped praying? What if you stop praying? What if we disobey God when He calls us to pray?

My loved one has shared things with me that are such direct answers to prayer I am humbled beyond anything I can describe. I am not even speaking of big prayers. I am speaking of smaller ones I have prayed – ones only God could have heard, and only God could have answered. Very specific, detailed prayers. The Lord has answered, and I know He will continue.

I will not stop praying. I will pray for as long as the Lord desires. And when I do not see a harvest, when I cannot even see where the seeds I have planted landed, when I wonder will God really answer, I will remember. It is my job to pray. It is up to the Lord to answer. And I will pray.

Please don’t stop praying. 

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