Do You Pray for Strangers?


Do you pray for strangers? I do. It comes naturally to me. I have noticed a world in need for as long as I can remember. I was born with a humongeous heart, but my human heart did not have the capacity to love like God does. Now that the Lord lives inside me, I am learning to love with His love and to let His unfailing mercy and compassion flow through me. Throughout my day, wherever I go, whatever I am doing, I notice those in need. Random people. Total strangers. People who oftentimes never know I am there. Today, I saw a man with an infirmity hobbling far across a parking lot. I could see his brokenness. We never crossed paths. He never even saw me. I prayed my heart out for him.
The Good Samaritan story in the Bible reminds me my neighbor is the one in need, not necessarily the one who lives next door. I weave in and out of people’s lives every day of my life. Much of the time, these people are strangers – and often people who never even see me or know I exist. But God knows my heart. He knows how much I love to serve Him, and He knows my passion to share the Gospel with a world in desperate need. I keep my eyes and heart open as I go about my life. The store clerk. The people whose cars have just crashed. The man buying beer. The woman who holds the door for me. The broken woman sitting on the curb waiting for her laundry to be done. Sometimes I ask the people if I can pray for them. They often say yes. Other times, I just pray silently. What a privilege it is to pray to my Father for His creation on earth.

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