Dog Update from Lara


Whether or not you’re a dog lover, perhaps you can appreciate I take exceedingly seriously whomever and whatever the Lord places in my care, ever striving in all that I do to bring Him honor and glory, ever repenting daily, continually, when I fall short which I have so very often. Perhaps you can also appreciate that having been kicked out of my family as a result of talking about being sexually abused as a child, along with being abandoned by two husbands, along with losing more than imaginable in the way of the relationships and things of this world the more I follow Jesus and learn to live according to the ways of the Lord, perhaps you can appreciate my “little dog family” through the years has been a great blessing.

That said, last year I lost my sweet two-footed Winnie. About six weeks ago, I lost beautiful Hope. A week and a half ago, I lost my beloved Elijah who belonged to my best female friend who was found last year dead with a gunshot wound to her chest that may have been murder – or suicide. And, right now, Little Miss Miracles, a 10 pound senior severely disabled dog is dying. In addition, 17 year old Baby seems to be rapidly approaching the end of his life.

On top of all this, I am moving full force ahead devoted 24-7 to the Lord and ministry as an evangelist and author, operating my little ministry on a bare-bones budget with virtually no help, dealing also with caring for a 1 acre property on my own, caring for 13 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs, ministering to people in dire need, and dealing continually with the ongoing rejection and hatred I have endured for years from loved ones.

What could I use from anyone with a big heart? Your love. Your prayers. Your encouragement. Anything at all you are led to sow into my heart, life, and ministry to help me press on in fulfilling my life’s calling to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need. Donations are also a great blessing, for those led to give.

More than anything, my heart’s desire is that if you never speak a single word to me, never introduce yourself or stay in touch if you already know me, my greatest desire is that you would repent of your sins and place your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and devote your life utterly to the Lord God almighty that you would receive eternal life, and that you would not merely be an intellectual believer in Christ as Lord, but that you would give God all that you are, turning your back on the ways of this world, and striving above all else to live your life in total commitment to Him, loving and serving Him with all your heart forever!

With love in the Lord Jesus Christ and God who carries me, day by day, breath by breath, through these trials of life and blesses me beyond measure with His everlasting love & the joy of coming to know Him more and more, giving me the privilege immeasurable of loving and proclaiming Christ to the world,


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