Things May Not Get Better


Things May Not Get Better

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

I can picture it. I write a book called “Things May Not Get Better.” Everyone runs in the other direction. They flock to where they can hear how they can have an awesome life now. I hold a book signing. Nobody shows up. The book never sells. Everyone’s buying everyone else’s books. Of course. They want to be promised happiness, prosperity, how things will always get better and easier. How they can wave their magic wands and have the lives they want. How they can pray and their troubles will disappear. I can’t make false promises like the ones once made to me, the ones I once believed and told others. When I was held captive, captivated, mesmerized under the spell of false teaching. Now I know the truth.

   One day I talked to a young man whose life had been falling apart, piece by piece until it seemed not so much was left. I could well recall how my own life had fallen into a zillion pieces over the years and how I had tried miserably to hold the pieces together until at last I surrendered them to God and began to follow Jesus. I encouraged the man, gushing about the Lord Jesus Christ and what it means to truly repent and forsake the ways of this world and turn to God and His ways and live for Him.

Suddenly he said something he had probably been told often. “Yeah, then my life will get better,” he said.

“My life hasn’t gotten better now that I follow Jesus,” I told him. “My life’s circumstances are pretty hard. People probably wouldn’t want the life I have on the outside. I don’t have what this world wants in circumstances. But I am filled with joy. Because of Jesus.”

I have the promise of eternity with God through faith in Christ and a life devoted to God. I have an amazingly awesome relationship with God. I finally understand Jesus is LORD. True faith isn’t intellectual. It produces a lifestyle committed to God and His ways. I am totally devoted to God, and I have an indescribable joy in Christ not based on my circumstances. Despite all I’ve been through and the hard stuff I still face, I have the promise of being with God forever. Even now, I have on the inside love, freedom, forgiveness, peace, hope, faith, and joy in God through Christ.

By the end of our talk, he had hope and joy on his face. He already knew about God but hadn’t been living for Him. He had been focused like we so often are on having better circumstances. I didn’t promise him his life will get better and easier if he returns to God. I told him the truth.

   No matter our circumstances, there is NOTHING and NOBODY more awesome and beautiful than the Lord and nothing more important than living for Him.

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