DONATIONS for Blind Dog’s Eye Surgery – No More Eyes……

She’s come a long way baby. Mostly blind Glory, whose “seeing eye dog” and best buddy is two-footed Winnie who lost her back feet when she was run over by a train, is about to get her second eye removed. With virtually no eyesight in her remaining eye, the likely discomfort of a cherry eye and ongoing eye issues including the strong probability of glaucoma among other things, and the need for at least three eye medications/treatments several times daily,

Glory in the animal shelter before her transition to Walk by Faith Ministry

Glory should be a lot more comfortable with the removal of her second eye. Not to mention that with one of her multiple eye medications going up 600% in price on a bare bones ministry budget, it is not wise to pour large amount of money into medicating a dog who clearly would be more comfortable without having the eye issues at all.

Glory has come a long way baby, and now I am seeking help with donations toward her eye removal surgery.

How far has Glory come? She was dropped off at an animal shelter in South Carolina several years back with a litter of dead pups. She was so emaciated it took her several weeks to be able to stand sturdily to walk well. She was chewed up in lice, had open sores on her body, was missing patches of hair, the hair that remained was a wild mess, she was mostly blind, had two cherry eyes, and was high heartworm positive.

Glory in the shelter before her move to Walk by Faith Ministry

The shelter staff and vet were adamant she needed to be euthanized, but a rescue worker was adamant she needed a miracle. So the rescue worker contacted me when she learned I believe in miracles, and Glory was happily shuttled off from South Carolina to Virginia where I lived at the time to begin her new life.

Within just months, God used Glory to help lead a little girl who fell in love with Glory to faith in Jesus Christ, and ever since Glory has been a permanent fixture in mine and the ministry’s life.

Glory smooshed up with Winnie

Glory gets along with absolutely everyone, dog and human, but her best buddy without a shadow of a doubt is her precious two-footed Winnie whom she follows around like Winnie is her eyes.

Glory once again smooshed up with her buddy two-footed Winnie who was run over by a train

She smooshes her body right up to Winnie, so closely in fact that it’s hard to tell where one dog ends and another begins.

Photo of Glory taken after her first eye removal surgery about a year ago.

Thank you in advance for your donations, and God bless you!!

Please note that any donations in excess of her surgery and medication costs will be put toward the other 15 mostly special needs & senior rescued dogs of Walk by Faith Ministry. 

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