Donations for Dog & More!


Over the past few months senior special needs ministry doggy Miss Grace (Gracie) who was abandoned at a gas station years ago and hit by 2 cars on the same day had some medical needs requiring a visit to the doggy ER and her regular vet along with testing and meds. By the GRACE of God she is now doing well!

The woman who committed to donate toward her care has been swamped and unable as of yet to donate and it is unclear whether and when she will be able to do so.

My ministry is in extreme need of financial support as I continue on the road for Jesus with my special needs ministry dogs as an evangelist, writer, encourager, and prayer warrior.

Would you consider a DONATION or becoming a MONTHLY SPONSOR? Any and all DONATIONS will help me & Good News Ministry & my special needs ministry dogs paralyzed Miss Mercy & special needs Gracie as I press on in the Lord’s work!

p.s. If the woman who committed to help Gracie donates as she had said she would, your giving will go to other needs all of which are so vitally important in this ministry for JESUS!

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