Senior disabled dog Little Miss Miracles, whose name was changed from Miracle to Little Miss Miracles given how many miracles she has already received, is once again in need of help. She was diagnosed with a very severe inner ear infection that is not responding to treatment so far, and now has an issue with her eyes with one eye even more so. Though diagnosed with dry eye, I am taking her back to the vet to see because she has worsened rather than gotten better upon starting her treatment.

I am hoping further testing as recommended and additional treatment will help her to receive her next miracle from the Lord who has blessed her & all those who know her beyond measure…..

She was turned over to Walk by Faith Ministry by a woman who rescued her from an owner who had her living outside. She had severe anemia, lyme disease, a horrible flea infestation, an eye problem, and a severe disability causing her front legs and feet to be swollen and to cross over whereby walking is exceedingly slow and challenging.

Her original vet thought she might live for a few weeks. It has now been about a year and a half…….!!!!! Thank you in advance for your love, prayers & donations.

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