Donations for Ministry Dogs


If you read in yesterday’s UPDATE & PRAYER REQUEST, you know among much going on in my ministry life, about 16-year-old ministry dog Abigail has just been diagnosed with pancreatitis shortly following a terrible case of giardia and then major dental infections and teeth removals. Simultaneously, 9-year-old Gracie hit by 2 cars after being dumped at a gas station years ago has an eye ulcer. My vet & his wife who supervised the ministry since I have been on the road for Jesus for about 4 years now just retired. I am with new vets who are wonderful but unfortunately do not discount. There have been many vet bills in the past month or so and more than likely a bunch more to come.

This all at the same time I have lost both helpers for production of my tracts and devotionals and lara love’s Good News Magazine that go around the country to prisons, homeless shelters, street preachers, individuals distributing them, rescue missions, jails, and more. The ministry is very much in need right now of loving donors and new Monthly Sponsors to help with the doggies & to help with what I believe will be the next step for now anyway in producing the tracts & devotional magazine.

I would be thankful beyond measure for anyone led to become a Monthly Sponsor and/or to make donation.

Please CLICK HERE to become a Monthly Sponsor & donate or please send a check to Good News Ministry, PO M2, 3715 Argent Blvd, Ridgeland, SC 29936. Please let me know if you would like a receipt for tax purposes!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


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