Update & Prayer Request


My heart & hands & life are enormously filled to overflowing right now with the love, hope, joy, & peace of the Lord Jesus Christ – and endless ministry work for my beloved Jesus!

For those unaware, I have been on the road full-time for Jesus & my Good News Ministry for about 4 years with my handicapped ministry dogs doing streets, hotel, & beach ministry and writing & publishing tracts, devotionals & books distributed nationwide to prisons, homeless shelters, rescue missions, street preachers, jails, individuals to distribute etc., doing Video Devotionals & ministering to people one-on-one. I was broken beyond human hope & repair for decades & am now devoted 24-7 to the Lord & ministry having forsaken all for Christ.

Here is my update:

* Still in coastal SC
* The Lord has revealed my next location & I am beginning preparations to go for when He lets me know it is time
* About 16-year-old ministry dog Abigail has had giardia followed by major dental infections & teeth removal and diagnosed today with pancreatitis
* My long-time vet & his wife who supervised the ministry dogs while I’ve been on the road just retired so I am beginning with new vets who are wonderful but unfortunately do not offer a discount & it has been very expensive given Abigail’s needs & Gracie’s
* 9-year-old ministry dog Gracie hit by 2 cars after being dumped at a gas station years ago has an eye ulcer which has required numerous vet visits & many expensive vet bills
* Caring for these extra needs along with the usual needs of having 3 handicapped ministry dogs on the road has added a lot to my plate!
* I am writing up a storm & having great difficulty keeping up with publishing what i am writing as I press on in writing 2 books, my usual Good News Daily which includes the same writing, & my lara love’s Good News Magazine which includes some of the writing
* One of my long-time helpers for whom I am so very thankful with producing the tracts & devotionals & magazines contacted me to tell me she will no longer be helping
* My other main helper for whom I am also so very thankful is having health issues & it has just been made clear she is unable to keep helping with production
* The Lord has opened a door which I will not go into detail about as of yet for help with production & this will require the need for financial support & sponsorship to help ensure I can keep up with the distribution as God grows it around the country
* The Lord is continuing to reach people through the writing & videos around the world via my website, Good News Daily, You Tube, & Facebook
* I was informed my car with about 250,000 miles on it has an oil leak (is seeping) whereby it would be best to replace it before continuing on my going from place to place & I am researching & waiting on the Lord for direction & have narrowed it down to 2 probabilities
* By God’s grace alone, He has set me free from a decades-long eating disorder, healed me from months of a very concerning health issue, & I need at some point to proceed with one last test & decide on treatment options for osteoporosis. By the grace of God, I have gained a bit of weight which is miraculous & was a very big concern because of how low I had dropped due to health & having been low anyway due to the eating disorder
* I am working hard to try to get rest along the way so I don’t burn out as I have a number of times in my ministry work & confess unfortunately due to the ongoing lack of help or minimal help this is an extra big challenge
* The Lord is continuing to open doors & hearts as I am blessed to minister to people continually from addicts to the homeless to prostitutes to the rich to the poor to the broken to the hurting to the sick to the troubled to the depressed to the discouraged to believers in Jesus to non-believers and on and on it goes!

If you are led to pray for me and this ministry and the dogs & the people God is reaching through me, I would be thankful beyond measure.

And if you are led to become a monthly sponsor, I would also be blessed beyond description.

And if you are blessed to serve the Lord in some capacity through this ministry, please let me know.

Thank you so very much!!!!

love & blessings,


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