When Walk by Faith Ministry heads South on Labor Day for its BIG MOVE to South Carolina, don’t think this is any ordinary move. First off, Walk by Faith Ministy is not turning its back on Virginia; it is simply adding South Carolina into the mix. Walk by Faith will remain incorporated in Virginia and continue to operate as a national ministry with strong ties to Virginia. This goes without saying. But what will be out of the ordinary is the nature – and cost – of the move.
While I have sold or given away most of my furniture and belongings to facilitate the move, the Walk by Faith dogs have done no such thing! Moving a large number of dogs, dog houses, crates, blankets, towels, medications, about 40 fence panels, and office supplies is quite the feat. I should know. I’ve been doing the work for weeks, and am in hotel room in NC returning from my first load of dogs and stuff down to SC – with the next trip only days away. How many hours? Eleven slow hours down, and a bit quicker home – with a much emptier cargo van. As co-founder Red the German Shepherd and Mother Theresa the miracle dog feast on peanut butter and jelly English muffins and French toast on the hotel floor (Mother Theresa is resting peacefully on her blanket as she makes her slow way closer to heaven), I write this request for donations to help make the BIG MOVE! Blessings to all, and please keep us in your hearts & prayers!

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