The House God Chose……


God never ceases to amaze me, but then why should He? He is God, after all. When I gave up my dream home in South Carolina, I asked the Lord to choose His. My only stipulation? He would find a home where His name would be glorified, the home would be dedicated to Him, and it would be a place for ministry. God chose the very house that I told my real estate agent and my friends helping with the long distance search that did not interest me in the least. But I submitted to the Lord, and He showed His glory yet again.
It is a humble house, in a lovely location, for a phenomenally low cost, with an amazing setup for miracle dogs, that was made possible by a breathtakingly beautiful heart, and which came with an indescribably awesome miracle, but this is not even all. I purchased the house by faith, never seeing in person beforehand. Two days ago, after an 11 hour drive with a big bunch of miracle dogs, I saw the house for the first time. First, fear. What had I done? Then exhaustion. Next, love. Finally, sleep.

The next morning? Filthy, sweaty, exhausted, I labored to make enormous junk piles of all the stuff that had been left behind. Construction materials. Home business supplies. Landscaping chemicals. No household garbage, just endless materials that needed to be taken off the property. Not only was I tired beyond measure, but I had not done my usual morning Bible study. I had forgotten my Bible, and was too lazy to study using my computer Bible.

God had different plans. In the back of the warehouse at the back of my property, at the bottom of yet another pile of junk needing to go to the garbage dump, I bent over, and over again, to move all the garbage. And, there it was. So small I might not have even noticed, but God made sure I did. Amidst all that had been left behind by the previous owner, at the bottom of the small mountain of garbage – God’s Holy Bible. In the house God chose. All for His glory.

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it…(Psalm 127:1 KJV).”

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