Don’t Forget to Laugh

Don’t forget to laugh. How could I forget? Two of Walk by Faith Ministry’s dogs – blind Glory and three-legged Traveler – are currently adorned in purple paint droppings (I finished painting their room yesterday), and Winnie the two-footed dog is presently dressed in pancake better atop her head. Purple polka dogs and pancake Winnie minus syrup remind me of the vital need to laugh. If the truth be known, I have often become so serious based on my life circumstances that I have in fact neglected to laugh.

Winnie with Pancake Batter on Head!

I am amused to notice that the other dogs have not yet realized the edibility of their sister Winnie, and look forward to laughing when they at last make their discovery. Suffice it to say, Walk by Faith Ministry’s dogs NEVER leave a morsel of food untouched – once they happen upon it. In this case, they will need a bird eye’s view to see the now dried pancake batter perched on her head. Today, I cannot help but remember to laugh. How about you?

p.s. I recommend that you DO NOT hire me to paint your house OR to make you pancakes – unless your dogs are seeking a new, and creative, wardrobe!

Glory (blind), Traveler (3 legs)
Purple Polka Dogs
Please note their purple paint spots from when
I painted their room over the past few days!

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