Don’t Give Up on God’s Will!


Sometimes when God makes known to us His will for our lives everything comes to pass relatively quickly, smoothly, easily, effortlessly, beautifully, simply, and straightforwardly. Ah, if it only were always this way!

But as we see with countless people in the Bible and may see in others’ lives and may experience in our own, sometimes there may be lots of waiting, challenges, changes, growing, preparing, refining, pruning, purifying, teaching, testing, and/or struggles before we fulfill God’s will.

The flesh may desperately want to quit and not endure through the trials to get to God’s destination for us i.e. the fulfillment of His will. The devil might tempt us endlessly to turn away from God and His will for us and fall for the temptations he sets before us instead. And the world even our closest friends and family might try to discourage us from pursuing God’s will and suggest we turn away from God’s will and go in an easier direction instead.


Once you know God’s will through prayer, fasting if He so leads you, reading the Bible, seeking counsel from His followers solidly grounded in the Bible, and waiting for God to speak to your heart, BE COMMITTED TO FULFILL HIS WILL NO MATTER THE CHALLENGES, NO MATTER THE COST, NO MATTER THE TIME INVOLVED, NO MATTER WHAT.

Cry out to God in prayer, ask others to pray for you, spend time alone with God daily reading the Bible, praising and worshiping God, seeking and hearing Him, and trust the Lord to enable you to fulfill His will for you!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NKJV

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