Don’t Give Up on Them!


Sometimes we want to give up on people because of all the pain, heartache, stress, work, challenge, etc. involved in being in their lives, and we want nothing more than to break free, to walk away, even to run away to find a place of peace, of hope, of comfort, of well-being, of joy, of freedom, of rest, of healing after what we have been through.

Friend, we SHOULD NOT walk away UNLESS we have sought the Lord, prayed to Him, heard from Him, read the Bible for help and encouragement, sought counsel from followers of Christ if/as the Lord leads us, and clearly know the Lord has called us to walk away.

Peace, hope, comfort, well-being, joy, freedom, rest, and healing can and should be found IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IN A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. And this is NOT contingent on who is or isn’t in our lives. It’s contingent on Him!

If the Lord calls us to stay in someone’s life, and not to give up on that person, He will give us every single thing we need love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and strength included to endure.

Pray to Him, friend, and wait for Him to lead you and provide for you in HIS WILL for you!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

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