Don’t Go Yet


Just about every time the Lord has sent me to a new location over the past nearly 4 years of being on the road full-time for Him and ministry with my handicapped ministry dogs, soon after my arrival at my latest hotel or the apartment where I stayed in New York City because hotels were too expensive and challenging to find given the dogs, I have experienced an urgent desire to GO. More precisely, to GO IMMEDIATELY. Where? Anywhere but where the Lord had sent me! Why?

Suffice it to say in the past 4 years of being on the road for Jesus with no permanent base anywhere anymore, I have faced roaches, rats, noise, drug addicts, prostitutes, alcoholics, mean people, filth, police officers with a warrant searching for criminals, dangerous situations, yelling, cursing, anger, marijuana and cigarette smoke, being pricked by a needle in my sink that could have been a drug needle, and the devil coming at me full force trying to get me to GO IMMEDIATELY anywhere but where God wanted me to be to do the work to which He has called me.

I am strongly compelled to tell you this. DON’T GO YET. What do I mean? DO NOT GO UNTIL GOD TELLS YOU TO GO. If God has sent you somewhere, to something, to someone, to some people, to some job, to some opportunity, to some church, to some location, etc. for whatever His plans and purpose are, no matter where, no matter whom, no matter what you face, no matter how uncomfortable you may be, no matter how much you may yearn to go somewhere familiar, easy, and comfortable, absolutely no matter what, DON’T GO YET. DO NOT GO until you have prayed and God has made clear to you it is time to go. Then go where He sends you.

In the STRENGTH OF THE LORD, I have stayed in each and every place until the Lord has made clear He wanted me to go. Was it easy? Not in the least! It was gruelingly hard at times. Even as I write this, I am tempted to pack up my stuff and dogs and RUN anywhere but where I am. But we are called not merely to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord. We are called to follow Jesus Christ as Lord. We are called to not live for self but to live for Jesus.

If you feel desperate as I have at times on the road for Jesus to go now but know through prayer and spending time with the Lord and reading the Bible and seeking counsel from His followers if and as He leads you that it is NOT yet time to go, please DON’T GO YET. But don’t try to stay in your human weakness. Look to the Lord for His love, grace, mercy, strength, wisdom, comfort, encouragement, provision, absolutely all that you need to help you be humble, faithful, and obedient to the Lord.

God makes His will known to us. Trust Him to speak to your heart when He wants you to stay – and when He wants you to go. Live in obedience to Him and trust Him to give you all you need to do so. Amen!

I encourage you as you read the Bible both Old and New Testaments to be on the lookout for how often the Lord makes clear that believers in Him are to LIVE FOR HIM which very much includes SEEKING HIM and HEARING HIM – and OBEYING HIM!

“Then His brothers and His mother came, and standing outside they sent to Him, calling Him. And a multitude was sitting around Him; and they said to Him, “Look, Your mother and Your brothers are outside seeking You.” But He answered them, saying, “Who is My mother, or My brothers?” And He looked around in a circle at those who sat about Him, and said, “Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of God is My brother and My sister and mother.”” Mark 3:31-35

“And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him,” Hebrews 5:9

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