Don’t Miss God’s Voice



“…and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.” John 10:4

Sometimes I hear a voice speaking to my heart, telling me what to do. If it’s in line with God’s Word, I know it’s from Him. If not, it isn’t. Sometimes I sense His Spirit giving me a message. It grows. Stronger. Sometimes a scripture lifts up off the page as though it’s being emphatically highlighted with a bright marker. God speaks to His people. It’s Christ’s followers job to listen. Hear. Obey. Follow. Sometimes we’re too busy. Distracted. Tied up. Focused on other things. On us. On the world. Other voices. People’s voices. The voice of self. Of Satan. Or we don’t believe we can hear from Him though the Bible says we can. We need to listen for His voice and test what we hear against His Word. We need to act when we’re certain it’s Him. We need to not miss God’s voice.

I’ve been finding increasingly God tells me to call someone. Not  randomly. A specific person. Not at a random time, like when I feel like it or when I think I have time. He is specific. I wonder, can this be? Is it God? Does this make sense? It doesn’t have to. It doesn’t need to fit into our schedule. God’s schedule is what matters. Our calendars should belong to Him. Sometimes my flesh says yuck. I don’t want to call that person. Or I’m scared. Or too tired to make a call. Or I think I have better things to do. God’s teaching me to quit resisting Him. I am Christ’s servant. Ever needing to be more humble. To seek Him. To listen. To say yes.

More and more, I am shocked at the responses I get when I submit to God and call. Sometimes I get confirmation. Perfect time. In need of prayer. Of love. Encouragement. How did I know? They’re surprised sometimes. Thankful. Me too. Then I’m in awe (them too) at how God pours forth His Spirit through me in powerful, mighty prayer. Like a force that sweeps over me. His Spirit praying through me. I finish praying. Sometimes tears. Deeply humbled. Astonishment at what He has done. Not me. Him. I only listened. Obeyed. Then a peace. Of knowing I was in His will like I crave. That I pleased Him. That He used me to help someone. That I didn’t miss His voice. His will. And the opportunity. That I listened. Obeyed. Countless times I have cried out to hear His voice, to show me His will, to help me love and please Him, to be more sensitive to His Spirit, to be used by Him, to walk in His love. I can’t fathom how many times I have missed His voice because I was too caught up in myself and this world to hear Him calling. Or to say yes. How I long to hear more from Him! To be more in His presence. To please Him more! To not miss His glorious voice. Are you listening? And obeying? The best place to begin is to diligently, continually, daily, study His Word, pray, spend time with Him, and learn to listen. And follow. Do you hear Him calling?

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