Don’t Restrict It in Any Way


“Know that the Lord, He is God;

It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;

We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.” Psalm 100:3 NKJV……………..

I could not have been more excited. In fact, I couldn’t recall the last time I had been that excited. Not only was what the Lord was calling me to do literally what He created me to do, what I was born to do, what He knew I would do even before I was born, but the next step in my life’s calling was so incredibly critical, so vital, so important, and so awesome and amazing, that I simply had no words to describe the feeling in my heart. So when the Lord called me to start seeking Him about the details of it all, I jumped right in. Seeking Him, seeking Him, seeking Him. Oh, how ready I was to seek Him! And to hear from Him! Of course I would ultimately need to obey Him. But the starting place would be to seek His face, His presence, His voice, His Spirit guiding me, His Spirit leading me, who always speaks in accordance with His Word, which I study regularly, daily, continually, and so it was I began. Hungrily, almost greedily, so excited to hear from the Lord! Almost as soon as I jumped in was when He gave me this mightily powerful message, and instantly it seemed His Spirit showed me I needed to share this message with others. The message?

Don’t restrict it in any way. Restrict? Restrict what? Restrict what in any way? Don’t restrict it? In any way? What possibly could this mean? I knew immediately. It had to do with seeking God, with seeking God for His will in a particular situation, in any situation for that matter, and it had to do with this.

Almost as soon as I had begun seeking the Lord regarding the next step in my ministry work, the next really big one anyway, my mind started putting restrictions on how He would answer. Limits. Yes. In what way? Let me give you some examples. This might work, but…That would work but not in that way…I’ve been there before, and I already know that – … So-and-so said that wasn’t a good idea…I’ll never be able to afford that…But those aren’t the people I’m supposed to…That time frame would mean that I would have to….If I have an emergency and need help, then…

Even as I was seeking the Lord, I was already placing restrictions on what I would hear. In such a way that it would even be possible I might be unable to hear Him clearly in response to my seeking Him, or that I could potentially immediately doubt it was the Lord speaking when He responded, or that I could trust it was the Lord speaking but decide not to obey Him, or resist Him greatly anyway, because of the nature of His response.

Before I headed any further into the hours, days, weeks, and months I might end up seeking Him in this particular matter in my life, the Lord wanted to make it plain and clear I needed to be ENTIRELY OPEN TO HOWEVER HE RESPONDED BOTH IN HEARING HIS RESPONSE NO MATTER WHAT IT WAS AND IN BEING WILLING TO OBEY HIM NO MATTER HOW IT SEEMED, HOW I FELT, WHAT I THOUGHT, WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAID, ANYTHING AT ALL. I needed to be ENTIRELY OPEN to the Lord – to be diligent in seeking Him, waiting on Him, and hearing Him, and diligent in obeying Him whatever His will turned out to be.

If you have been seeking the Lord about something, is it possible you have placed some restrictions on His answer? Please do not. He is Lord! SEEK HIM, WAIT ON HIM, HEAR HIM, and OBEY HIM. And remember to stay diligently, daily, and devotedly steadfast in spending time with Him and in His Word ever desiring for His Spirit to speak to you, equip you, and to lead you forth.

Have you repented and believed in and received Jesus Christ as Lord, entrusting Him with your life, committing yourself to Him utterly and forever? This is the starting place. If you have not yet done so, please feel free to reach out to me if you need help in understanding and so doing!

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