Don’t Take Me for Granted


“Oh, magnify the LORD with me, And let us exalt His name together.” Psalm 34:3

Ever felt taken for granted? I have a long, long history of being rejected, so it goes with the territory. Whether people outright abandoned me, or simply stepped back and pretended like I wasn’t there, and still do, ouch. I’m sensitive to begin with, so suffice it to say I am all too familiar with the feeling of being taken for granted by people. It hurts especially when it’s people I love dearly. I’ve also done plenty of my own taking people for granted. Including people I dearly love. The more I follow and love the Lord, the more I try to never take people for granted. Whether strangers, friends, or loved ones. But this isn’t about people taking me for granted, nor is it about me taking others for granted. Nor is it even about people taking you for granted, nor about you taking people for granted. Then what’s it about?

If it hurts us humans greatly when we take one another for granted, how unfathomably must it grieve the heart of God who gave up His only begotten Son to go to the cross for all of humanity to die for our sins and sin penalty so all who repent and believe in Him as Lord and truly devote themselves to Him are forgiven and given an everlasting relationship with God. How immeasurably must it grieve God’s heart when He created us in the first place, when Christ sacrificed His life and endured the worst death ever in the universe throughout time for us, when the Lord blesses those who follow Him each and every day, with His love, fellowship, mercy, comfort, compassion, and endless spiritual blessings, not to mention the physical blessings He gives us every day of our lives right down to the very breath we are taking in this very moment, when He blesses us with loved ones, with friends, with jobs, with safety, protection, food, clothing, shelter, water, and on and on and on. Most assuredly some people have much harder stories, challenges, trials and tribulations than others. But regardless of what physical blessings we may or may not have, we all most importantly of all have the ability because of the Lord Jesus Christ to have a forever relationship with God.

How often in our everyday lives, do you suppose, do we take for granted God’s amazing-ness, His awesomeness, His magnificence and glory? Please join with me in striving daily no matter what we may or may not face in a given day to give the Lord glory, honor, and praise above all else because JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF ALL!

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