Dreams That Are Not God’s

Sometimes we have dreams that are not God’s. Oftentimes, God allows those dreams. Oftentimes, the world encourages those dreams. Oftentimes, we follow those dreams and believe they are God’s best. But they are not God’s best because they are not His at all. In my own life, because I have always been creative and passionate, I have held a number of dreams in my heart. I have followed some. Others, I have left to the wayside. Too often, my dreams were distractions, and I sold myself short. Rather than trusting in God and pursuing His dreams, I chased after dreams that did not belong to Him. I made them mine, and I pursued them with great passion.

Then, collapsed to the ground in utter exhaustion, I saw what I had missed. I had missed what God had planned for me since the beginning. God knows what He has planned for me. It’s up to me to wait on Him, to pray for His perfect will, to allow Him to prepare me for the right time, and to begin the beautiful adventure of following His dreams as I continue my best to follow Him.

Dreams are like balloons. I need to let go of the ones that are not His, and like an eager child hold on tight to the string attached to the dreams that are God’s. What a bright smile I can wear when I am holding onto the best dream of all. Jesus.

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