More Writing Coming Soon……..

So what happened to Lara Love’s inspirational writing? If I have learned nothing else about inspirational writing, the very best comes when I am led by the Lord. The best comes not when I write in the flesh, but when I write in the Spirit. The best comes when I am well rested, focused on the Lord, and properly prepared. Preparation? Absolutely. Just like Jesus took time away from the crowd, I need to do the same sometimes. I have been doing just that. The Lord is continuing His work in me so that more of Him will come through me. So stay tuned for more inspiration. And I will do the same. One of the greatest joys in inspirational writing is how inspired I am in the process. I do not often find myself writing what I learned years ago. I often find I am learning and growing right in the process of writing. How humbling it is to fall down at the feet of the Lord and get to share the blessings I find there. 
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