Empty Hands, Empty Heart

Today I am letting go of something beautiful. Oh, it felt so good – for a while. It looked so good. It sounded good. I enjoyed it greatly – for a while. Oh, there were so many wonderful things about it. It was comfortable. It was wonderful to be loved. To be appreciated. I did well with it for a while. I saw God use me. How wonderful that was. So much wonderful about it – except. Except God didn’t want me to hold onto it.

And I assumed that the open door that I ran through to fill my hands and heart with this meant God had opened the door – and kept it open. But open doors aren’t always opened by God. And even open doors that God has opened aren’t always meant to stay open. Sometimes when God opens a door and I run through it, I remain past the time God wants me there. And sometimes I burst through open doors that He hasn’t opened at all.

 And so it is this day that I am holding up my hands to the Lord and giving to Him what I know I must let go. A friend who is now with the Lord once told me that keeping my hands filled means there is no room for the Lord to fill my hands. Conversely, letting go of what I need to let go creates space for God to fill my hands with what He desires.

Above all else, He desires to fill my hands, and my heart, with Himself – and with His goodness. Today, I empty my hands. Today, I have repented for all the wrong reasons I held onto something that I must now let go.

Is there something in your life you need to let go? Are your hands, and heart, holding onto something that is not from the Lord? Or are you holding onto something that was from the Lord but that He now desires you to let go? Are you ready to empty your hands? Do you need to repent as I have done for the wrong reasons you have held on? Remember the space created in your hands and heart when you let go is meant to be filled with the Lord – and His goodness. His desire for your life, not yours. His desire for our lives, not ours. 

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