A Poem for My King – by Lara Love

You draw me to yourself
Even in my iniquity
You do not turn away
But pull me closer to you
And readily I come
To be held by you
To be-hold you
To take hold of you
Wrapped in your arms
Tight in your embrace
Tears falling on your shoulder
You take my heart
You take my hurt
You take my sorrow
And give me hope for tomorrow
Not for anything particular
But the hope I hold in my arms
Is not just the promise
Of forever in heaven with you,
As though that were not enough
But it’s the promise of the way you hold me now
Wrapping me in grace
Enfolding me in mercy
Even as I struggle with sin
Even as I hurt over what was done to me
I have you to cleave to
You to cling to
You to love, oh Lord
And I bask in the peace
Of finally coming to grasp
That even in all my imperfection
I am loved by you
You want me
You accept me
You love me
You, my Lord,
I cry safely in your arms
Tucked gently in the refuge of your forever love.
     A Poem for My King, by Lara Love
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