End of My Fast – Wow…

Wow. I never would have guessed when I began a 40-day different-kind-of-a-fast exactly 40 days ago that it would end right on Passover and Easter, nor could I ever have imagined what the Lord would do in this longer-than-I-have-ever-taken fast. I thank God for the pastor who advised me months ago to fast something in my life of great value and replace it with God. And I thank God for the loved one who felt led to begin a fast and to ask me if I wanted to fast also. Mostly, I thank God for what He has done in this special season of my life.
Rather than fast all food for 40 days, which I am quite sure I could never have done nor should have done given my long-time battle with an eating disorder, I chose to fast chewing gum and fear. I had been chewing gum day and night, even in the middle of the night. When I should have been grabbing onto God when faced with anxiety or various emotions, I had crammed my mouth with gum – and endless candy. All day, and literally in the middle of the night. Though I was quite sure I would fast only gum, the Lord took the candy right out of my life – right from day one of the fast. Though I certainly fell short in not remembering to cast down fear every time it reared its ugly head, I did manage to not chew gum or eat candy for the full 40 days.

The result? Wow. I found myself able throughout much of the fast to hear God with much greater clarity and at a much greater depth, I found myself stronger in Him than I believe I have ever been as I learned to turn to Him rather than what I had turned to before in my most challenging moments, I found I could let something go that was such a regular part of my life, I found a much greater hunger for Him than I have ever had, and this is not all. In the past two weeks of my fast, the Lord brought me to repentance in the two areas of my life that I had been walking in wide open rebellion and disobedience. And I have found a new freedom, and a new strength, and am quite sure this is only the beginning.

Many people I know, and even people in the Bible, seem to fast with a specific goal in mind. A loved one who needs intercession. A nation that needs deliverance. A cause that needs the supernatural transformation only the Lord can bring. In my case, unlike in prior, and shorter-lived fasts, I had no specific purpose in mind. I simply felt called to the fast.

Wow. God is so very amazing. He always knows what is best. He always knows what He is doing. I don’t need to understand why I am called to do something. I simply need to obey. And I had a sense this fast was not only for the person that had been called to one also and suggested I might want to do the same. I had a sense this fast was also for me. And, quite obviously it was.

How about you? Have you ever fasted? Daniel in the Bible did not fast all food. He fasted certain foods. He fasted for a purpose. And God honored his fast. I did not fast all food. I fasted certain foods. And God honored my fast. How about you? Is God calling you to a fast? Have you ever studied fasting in the Bible? Is there something in your life, or someone in your life, or a cause on your heart, that God is calling you to fast about or for? Why not pray about it? And why not do whatever the Lord shows you. I did, and can’t thank God enough for the outcome. 

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