Endings & Beginnings


Shortly before I finished writing this book, the Lord placed on my heart that He wanted me to follow it up with several other books. That what had seemed like simply the ending of writing a book actually would mark the beginning of writing more books for the Lord. I was reminded of how much of my life I have focused on endings. I used to have a terribly hard time with endings, with saying goodbye, with letting go, with closure, with losses, and with staying stuck in the past.

Rest assured I am a sensitive and emotional woman and can still struggle with letting go, but the Lord has taught me something so incredibly beautiful when it comes to endings. He has taught me to look to Him and to open my heart to new beginnings. He has taught me not to stay stuck in the past but to entrust myself to Him and to let His Spirit lead me forth. He has given me such an enormous heart for helping people worldwide to find and follow Him through my ministry work very much including my writing, and now I love the thrill of what comes after endings in the way of new beginnings.

The difference between how I used to deal with endings and how I deal with them now is this. Jesus. And my total devotion to Him. I trust that His Spirit will lead me day by day through this life, and that my job is to be TOTALLY DEVOTED to Him in the process. He is the love of my life, and I am wholly His.

Are you TOTALLY DEVOTED to Jesus, friend? Please be. And if you don’t already do this, may you from now going forward see endings in a new and beautiful way. As an opportunity to entrust yourself to Jesus, to be TOTALLY DEVOTED to Him, and to follow the Spirit of Christ as He leads you lovingly and mercifully and graciously and tenderly forth! Amen!

Father, I can’t thank you enough for calling me to write this book and enabling me to write it and for the messages you gave me within it and for the readers whose hearts and lives you will bring it into. I am privileged to call you Lord, God, and Father, I am privileged to be your daughter and servant, I am privileged for every reader you lead to read messages you compel me to write and publish, and I am privileged, my beloved Lord, to be TOTALLY DEVOTED to you and to be yours forevermore. AMEN!

Please, my beloved Lord, my precious Father, use this book to bring people into your Kingdom; to love, bless, help, challenge, grow, chasten, lead to repentance, and encourage people who are already your followers; to bring backslidden believers back to you; to deepen the faith of those who already believe in you; to bring all who read this to a place of total devotion to you now and forevermore; and to bring glory to your holy most beloved loving everlasting almighty name, oh Lord my God, AMEN!

May the ending of this book
mark a new beginning for you
that you may be henceforth
& forever
to the Lord Jesus Christ!

For some time now, my Good News Daily has been messages from the latest book I just finished writing. By God’s grace, I am now getting it ready for publication & will let you know when it is available in print!

You can sign up for my Good News Daily & visit Good News Ministry & meet my handicapped ministry dogs at www.GoodNews.love.

love & blessings,


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