Update & Prayer Request


Dear friend,

Hard to believe I was once so broken for decades I couldn’t imagine how I would make it through the next 5 minutes of my life, contemplated suicide on and off for about 20 years, and could’t fathom there was any point or purpose to my life other than constant struggle and suffering.

This very day, I am working exceedingly hard on preparing the 8th book I have written for publication, just revised 2 previous books, have begun working on my 9th one, am frustrated that my streets ministry work recently has been much less than usual and than I love, am caring for my beloved handicapped ministry doggies on breaks from my work, wonder when and where the Lord will send me next as I’ve been on the road for Him for almost 3.5 years now, have my heart and ears ever open for ministry opportunities on phone, by email, or in person, and oh, yes, a little bit of rest in between it all.

I have never been more dedicated and devoted to the Lord, never been as relentless and fervent in my labor of love for Him, and can’t wait to see how the Lord continues to use me and this ministry to help people around the world to find and faithfully forever follow Him.

All of this said, I am tired beyond description, forsaking absolutely all for Him, and would be thankful beyond description if some if not many of you would please pray your hearts out as I press on. I am 100% certain I can only do all the Lord has given me to the extreme degree I labor in my human weakness. I will only be able to do this in His strength for His glory, and your prayers are appreciated beyond measure.

In case you are not aware, my lara love’s Good News Magazine and Finding the Light Gospel tracts and sometimes other special edition / themed devotionals in pocket-sized booklet form go out around the United States to prisons, jails, homeless shelters, rescue missions, street preachers, individuals, a Christian pregnancy center, a Christian medical center, etc. I have two humble helpers printing, preparing, and shipping them. The booklets are all FREE.

My books are free via computer file or available at a super low cost via Amazon.com whereby Amazon gets most of the money for shipping and printing, and my ministry gets an extremely tiny amount for the ministry.

I do not get a salary and am devoted 24-7 to the Lord & ministry.

The ministry has just a small number of monthly sponsors and very few donors.

Not only would I be thankful beyond description for ongoing very intense prayer, but I would be blessed so very much to see more people come on board as monthly sponsors as well as donors. Monthly sponsors in particular are a great help!

Thank you in advance for your love, prayers, and giving!

love & blessings,


p.s. Hoping Lord willing to be sharing new messages with you soon! If you don’t hear from me for a few days or so, please know I’m either hard at work at preparing this latest book and/or taking a bit of time for rest and refreshing!



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