Endless Mercy

You astound me, God. You amaze me. No matter how short I fall, you are there. You wait for me. Your mercy never runs out. You have it new for me every morning. You could so easily turn your back on me and walk away. How often have I done that very thing when I have not had mercy for others. But there you are, not only waiting to shed your mercy on me, but teaching me to do the same with others.

You are a well of mercy that never runs dry. I need only to come to you humble, broken, sorrowful, confessing my sin to you, remorseful over what I have done. And you take my contriteness, my brokenness, and replace it with the cool, refreshing, life-giving, water of your mercy. Your fountain of mercy so strong, it pours into me. And I, bent over, withered, dry, dehydrated with my sin, receive your transfusion, your flow into me of mercy, and become transformed. 
You lift me with hope, you inject me with love, you stand me upright when I am fallen down, you strengthen me when and where I am weak, you teach me your ways, you remind me you are there with me. You are here for me. 

And the hurt I hold inside, the pain, the broken pieces, the very reason, the root of my struggle, I place this into your eternal, steadfast, loving hands. For when I receive your mercy, new this morning, my love for you is even stronger. My faith in you grows greater.

And I remember you, whose mercy endures forever, are the One who restores souls, heals broken hearts, redeems those who need redemption, revives the downcast and downtrodden, the fallen down, finds the lost, gives hope to the ones who lack it, and takes broken lives like mine and heals.

Oh heal me, Lord! And let your mercy pour through me. Oh Lord! Heal, oh Lord! Please heal! Thank you for your mercy, oh Lord! Pour your mercy into me. Pour so much in me that I can’t help but find it pouring through me to a lost and mercy-needy world. Oh how merciful you are, oh Lord! 
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